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  • How to date women effortlessly:

The secrets of attracting ladies effortlessly are shared right here – now you are in for a treat because I will share the secret sauce of being a lady magnet with you.

First of all, a great sense of humor can help you a lot. 

Note that if a lady has a great sense of humor, this lady isn’t necessarily attractive as a lot of guys might think, “she is probably just one of the guys”. That’s why many men wouldn’t really see this woman as a potential partner in love.

In contrast, a great sense of humor really increases a guy’s attractiveness, for ladies often associate a humorous guy with good emotions and feelings. Since ladies are much more emotional than men, they tend to follow their emotions and feelings.

Second, you need unfazeable stillness, i.e., when you face a difficult situation, you stay calm. For example, if you are stuck in traffic congestion – rather than complaining about the problem, you remain calm and utilize the time to listen to an audiobook, for you can’t do anything about the traffic jam anyway – you’d better make peace with it!

As I see it, if you are able to be calm in challenging everyday scenarios, it means you can handle big issues, too (and ladies absolutely love that quality because they want to be protected and looked after by men).

Your lady needs to know that you are her rock when major challenges happen in life.

Next, having good taste can increase your perceived value. Frankly, you don’t have to look like a movie star so as to attract ladies. In fact, you simply need a good taste. Perhaps you can read GQ magazine, thereby learning how to improve your grooming and your fashion. Realistically, the majority of men have no idea about grooming and fashion; therefore, it’s relatively easy to stand out and be outstanding if you are happy to invest your reUkraine woman datings in your fashion and grooming!

In my opinion, your accessories and clothes don’t need to be expensive, yet they must be right.

Ladies clearly notice what you wear not because they are superficial, but because they pay attention to details. By contrast, men are big-picture individuals who don’t pay much attention to small details.

Last but not least, having a wealth of knowledge will make you very attractive, as a knowledgeable guy can teach his lady things. If you have such an amazing advantage, please remember that this quality can literally make you a true leader in your relationship with a lady. As a guy, you either lead or be misled.

So, you might want to read a book every two weeks and learn as much as you can. I’m sure this new habit will bring you lots of interesting things to talk about on dates!

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  • How to feel good during uncertain times:

Because now we live in a pandemic, we have to learn how to feel good in spite of the uncertainty. Mental health is very important in dating and relationships as well.

I had anxiety for years, but recently I’ve overcome this challenge by deciding to feel good. My mentor told me that feeling good is my job – I have to make a decision to feel good. When I feel positive feelings & emotions, good things come to me organically – that’s exactly how the Law of Attraction works in reality.

Here is what I’ve done to remain positive and happy:

  1. I keep a journal in which I write down how many hours I have slept at night and what I have eaten each day. By tracking my sleep pattern and my diet, I am able to manage the basic lifestyle needs well.
  1. I have written down a list of activities that make me happy, e.g., going to the movies, getting a massage, listening to lofi music, etc. I do at least one of these activities each day.

What have you done to improve your mental health and your love life this week?

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