Adopting a rabbit in Singapore can be easy and rewarding. Many shelters and rescue organizations have rabbits available for adoption at no cost. Getting a free rabbit enables you to skip the pet store and provide a home to an animal in need.


When adopting, look for reputable shelters like the Bunny Wonderland, House Rabbit Society Singapore and Bunny Binkes Club. Visit their websites to see available rabbits and fill out an adoption application. Shelters thoroughly vet potential adopters to ensure a good home. Be ready to provide information on your lifestyle, household, and ability to care for a rabbit in Singapore.


Shelters want to match you with the right rabbit. Spend time interacting with rabbits to find one with an agreeable temperament. Shelter staff can advise you on bonding with your new rabbit. Be prepared to rabbit-proof your home by moving cables, blocking off unsafe areas, and litter training your pet.


Caring for a rabbit requires research and commitment. But the rewards of having an affectionate, quirky companion are worth it. Adopting a free rabbit saves a life and brings joy. Contact local shelters today to start the adoption process and welcome a rabbit into your family.




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